My Crime

biting my nails down to the quick
thought I was smooth but I ain’t so slick
you’d think I’d learn after so much time
but I’m lousy at leaving the scene of a crime

we passed rye whiskey around in the van
it felt good to drive  but hell if I could stand
that’s the kind of love we make these days
driving these streets in a purple haze

that’s my crime that’s my crime
no sense of time no sense of much
in such a hurry and so out of touch
that’s my crime

i burned every bridge then dug a moat
now I’m stuck here on this island w/o a boat
the very sight of water makes me want to jump in
you’d think I’d take the time to learn how to swim

she kicked out my window then complained of a chill
there’s a lot I can take but she’s a pretty little pill
baby close the curtain or draw the blinds
we ain’t wasted nearly enough time

Stephen Clair © 2018 ASCAP Born To Demo