Stephen Clair and the Pushbacks

Rocking out since around this time yesterday.

With a Ray Davies-like vocal delivery, mountains of songwriting credits, Clair's gritty and provocative tunes are kicked into high gear with the muscular and stirring chops of the mighty Pushbacks.

"It takes balls, literally and figuratively, to sing so knowingly about a vasectomy. But in the swaggering, amped-up title track to Love Makes Us Weird, Stephen Clair does just that, turning a four-syllable word into a tight rhyme with the line 'Who are we?' " –Chronogram Magazine

My Understanding

I had hoped we would go to the movies, and while at the movies I had hoped we would find the movie enjoyable, but not so enjoyable, because I also hoped that while in the theater we might feel each other up.  But see, we did not even go to the movies, and therefore cannot know how much we would or would not have enjoyed it, and we did not feel each other up.  Movie or no movie, we did not feel each other up.

We did not even see each other but instead exchanged voice messages on one another’s answering machines throughout the early evening until we both gave up.  I then hoped perhaps later in the evening, when we had each returned to our homes, we would finally speak on the phone, and then, it was my hope we would speak to one another in such a way that we would feel compelled to feel ourselves up.  I returned home quite late to find no new messages on my machine.  Still I had hope.

I took my hope and cordless telephone to the bedroom, got into bed, and waited for your call.  Gradually, I was lulled to sleep by the ticking clock and garbage trucks.  The next morning I woke with a newfound hope that it would be a day without rain.  I hoped that if it did rain it would pass and the sun would again shine and that would be an improvement.

- from the collection of the same title © Pressed Wafer