Typing Tipsy

she's typing tipsy
typing unanswered texts
In the dark
In the beacon theatre
at a hold steady show
the bands taking it slow
its a 4-night stand
catch it if you can
she’s got tickets to spare
she’s dyed her hair
she's here all week
typing tipsy

her thumbs her thumbs
are they nimble are they numb
she trips on her speech
she sways by her seat
she’s somebody’s girl
wishes you were here
but even if you were
she’d still be typing tipsy
kinda pretty
socially mediating
meditating on a screen
the band’s a scream
the crowd sings along
they know every word to every song
but she’s looking down typing tipsy

all my best
drinking buddies went & sobered up
what's that say about me
I should probably go home and give this up
but she's got me on the edge of my seat

but I'm watching her typing tipsy
it's more suspenseful
than watching this band
people clap your hands
she's typing tipsy

6 new follows 18 new likes
on the last two posts she made tonight
she’s typing tipsy
posts to instagram
takes another drink for the cramp in her hand

Stephen Clair © 2018 ASCAP Born To Demo